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I lived in Berlin until I was 12 years old. In those difficult years after the war and during the six years that I attended Berlin schools, I visited a U.S. sponsored after-school club. The unusual large offer of creative programmes as well as the promotion of special talents laid the foundation for my artistic career.

After I moved away from Berlin, Walter Junge, an art teacher at Gymnasium Salzgitter and a well-known artist, became one of my supporters. He encouraged me to take art classes at the former School of Applied Arts (four semesters) and then at the College of Fine Arts (eight semesters) in Braunschweig. My main subjects were graphic and industrial design. Further classes consisted of: free painting, history of art, puppetry, goldsmiths and metal, taught by professors such as Prof. Kampmann, Grötzinger, and Nicolai. My final degree is

industrial design.

After I graduated, I started as a showcase designer for WMF in Braunschweig. After that I was a designer in the styling department at the Volkswagen plant (Wolfsburg) for the area of ​​interior design of vans and minibus-series vehicles. Then I moved to Hamburg. Advertising Forum Huber: display design. German Grammophon (Polydor): artist promotion and design of promotional materials. Then graphic design at the publishing house “Wochenblatt” in Buchholz. During the last twenty years I have gained professional experience as layout designer with my own area of ​​responsibility for the sports magazines of the “Top Special” publishing house (subsidiary of the publishing house “Springer”) in Hamburg.

Since the process of simply reproducing had reached a level in my paintings, which clearly had gotten too plain for me, I turned to graphical shapes and started focusing among other things on very physical looking figures. In some areas, these figures exceed the norm in form and colour and thus correspond to a different reality. Since 1979, I have been married and lived in Buchholz.


Carola Volbeding

Königsberger Str. 20a, 21244 Buchholz, Germany

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Carola Volbeding